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Worship Pastor Application

  • The following are the requirements needed to be able to serve as the Worship Pastor at Free People Church:

    • • A saved, baptized, mature, humble and growing believer in Jesus Christ
    • • At least 5 years experience leading worship in a modern context (with a modern band setup that uses tracks, loops, etc.)
    • • Has experience writing and releasing original worship songs/music)
    • • Has a charismatic background (or experience with the Holy Spirit) and is familiar with all the spiritual gifts (even if you don’t personally have certain ones) and how they function in the Church.
    • • Agrees with our Basic Beliefs and Volunteer Standards (see links below)


  • MM slash DD slash YYYY


    Please list 2 references who are leaders in organizations or ministries you’ve served in in the past who can speak to both your skill and character, etc.


  • MARRIAGE (if applicable, otherwise leave blank)




    It’s not only important that you are a person of character and competency, but that you also fit in well with our current team, because we view church as family and want our staff to be awesome friends! Therefore we want to know about your personality, your favorite things, and what makes you, you! Please go to the following sites and complete the personality assessments and enter your results below.
  • List your top 5 “gifts” IN ORDER of rank
  • List the three elements of your Leadership Style in ORDER of highest/strongest to lowest/weakest (Strategy, Chemistry, Spirituality)




  • Final Confirmation

    You did it! You're almost done!

    This is your last chance to go back and review or change anything. When you're satisfied with everything, check the box below and hit the submit button. You'll receive a confirmation e-mail, and we'll be in touch when the application period closes.
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